Solomon Schechter Day School

Message from the Head of School

Welcome to Solomon Schechter Day School of Albuquerque, the only Jewish day school in New Mexico. Only Schechter provides a dynamic and rigorous general studies curriculum in a Jewish learning environment in which we teach our students about Jewish culture, values, history and the State of Israel.  Schechter students develop a Jewish identity that will serve as the foundation for a meaningful and active Jewish life.

Schechter’s commitment to a rigorous general studies curriculum is delivered using a block schedule, providing an excellent structure for learning math, science, English language arts, and social studies.  This year we’ve adopted the Common Core Standards in math and science and will be introducing these new standards in language arts and social studies in the coming years.  The average student/teacher ratio in our general studies classes is 8:1, providing students with the attention they need to thrive as they move through Schechter and onto middle school and high school. 

Schechter students receive an excellent Jewish education, as well.  Starting in kindergarten, students learn the Hebrew language that prepares them for a life of study and prayer, and a wide vocabulary to enable them to read, write and converse in conversational Hebrew.  Schechter also provides students with history of the Jewish people, introduces our culture as it has evolved over thousands of years, and gives them an excellent base of knowledge to develop a strong Jewish identity.

Schechter also has an excellent arts department with a fully equipped visual art classroom and a dedicated music room.  In coming years we’ll be adding modern dance and theatre to our program and we’ll explore ways in which we can help students explore their Jewish identity through artistic expression.  We recognize the value of creativity, collaborative problem solving, and individual expression as necessary elements to developing well-rounded contributors to the community.

Housed on the Jewish Community Campus, Schechter has wonderful facilities to serve our students and families.  A full size gymnasium, athletic fields and a very large playground complement our beautifully designed school building.  We have the largest library of Judaic books in the State, as well as a vast array of fiction and nonfiction, reference materials, and DVDs.  This year we added a portable computer lab, which can easily move our brand new MacBook Pros from classroom to classroom. 

Our focus on excellence, discipline and generosity help families understand that we’re out to achieve the highest academic standards, reached in a structured environment, in a setting that reflects Jewish values.  We welcome you to come visit the school and prospective students are invited to spend a half-day in a classroom to get a feel for just how great it is to be a Schechter student. 


Steve Barberio
Head of School