Solomon Schechter Day School

Tuition and Fees

Application Fee:
Book, Supplies, & Program Fee:


Application Fee: For students new to the school, an application fee of $100 is due along with the application form. This fee is non-refundable.

Book, Supplies, and Program Fee: This fee covers supplies, textbooks, workbooks, resource materials, computer programs, Student Accident Insurance, yearbook and school t-shirt.

Tuition Deposit: A tuition deposit of $300.00 per student is due by April 16th. It will be applied to the tuition amount. Students receiving financial aid should check on deposit requirements with SSDS Admissions.

Sibling Discount: When a family has more than one child enrolled at the school, the oldest child pays full tuition and each younger sibling receives a 10 percent tuition discount. This discount does not apply to families receiving financial aid.

Financial Aid: SSDS offers a financial aid program. If you are interested please contact the Admissions Director.