Solomon Schechter Day School



“I love this school. The staff is very welcoming and inclusive. Parents and children become a part of the family.”

“I love the community aspect of Solomon Schechter along with the high level of academics. Because of the Jewish Studies taught, children are taught to respect each other. Cliques are actively discouraged, as is teasing, and the other social challenges kids face in school. The 5th graders can be seen helping the Kindergarteners carry their hot lunches. It is a safe atmosphere where bullying is non-existent and kids can focus on learning rather than the pecking order of the playground.”

“SSDS - Albuquerque is dedicated to nurturing my children's academic, emotional, and social needs. They have a strong ethics program and very rich art, music, dance, and PE. Also wonderful opportunities for after school enrichment. Many children leave there performing well above 5th grade.”

“The faculty and administration takes the time and makes the effort to address the needs of individual students. The school tolerates diversity in personalities and backgrounds yet ensures that students meet the highest academic expectations. The combination of a warm, supportive, safe environment with a fine academic performance has made Solomon Schechter Day School a wonderful experience for my children.”

“My son has attended SSDS since the 1st grade. Our experience has been stellar. Not only from an academic perspective but from a community perspective. SSDS, staff, students, and other families have been like family to us...and that has been invaluable.”

“This is a lovely community with absolutely excellent teachers and staff. The kids see adults and other children who live with integrity and they see how crucial it is to be of good character. The academic preparation is rigorous and individualized. We are very happy that we made the choice to send our children to SSDS for elementary school.”

“I love SSDS because the teachers are amazing and the curriculum exciting. SSDS is a caring community that addresses the academic, athletic and emotional needs of my son.”

“This school is a small, Jewish Day School with excellent programs in music, art, Hebrew, and Jewish Studies. We love that it is a language emersion school. Embraces diversity, exploring all cultures and customs. A small school makes it so that each child feels very important and special. Our experience has been very positive.”

“Find a community of joyful learners here! Students are actively engaged in learning, families are valued, teachers are talented and dedicated, volunteers treasured, a true Miracle in the Desert!”

“Small intimate community where the parents and teachers all know each other and are deeply involved with each child's learning experience. The Jewish experience is wonderful and is even more meaningful in the middle of New Mexico where giving a child a Jewish identity is very difficult. We love this place!”

“My son has had 5 wonderful years at Solomon Schechter Day School. The school has some of the best teachers and staff you'll find anywhere. Solomon Schechter is a gem and my family feels blessed to have been able to send our son there! Thank you!”

“The atmosphere of this school is warm and supportive. Children receive a rich education, including Jewish studies, Hebrew, physical education and fine arts education - art, music and dance!!! - in addition to an ambitious core curriculum. Children, families and staff are recognized and respected for their individuality; kavod (honor) is shown by and for all. Class sizes are small, staff is compassionate and skilled, and the facilities are clean and safe. This school has brought us many, many wonderful experiences and brought us into the Jewish community!”